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Commercial Insurance Treasures Insurance

Commercial Insurance is everything we do at Treasures Insurance. It is who we are.

Treasures Insurance is exclusively focused on serving the commercial insurance and risk management marketplace in Alberta. We feel that this is where we provide world-class service to our customers. No longer interested in being insurance generalists, we have dedicated ourselves to being Commercial Risk Management Specialists.

We implement our own unique Risk Management Approach as THE process for organizing and managing our client accounts. Our system directly benefits our clients by improving their profitability, through reducing their Total Cost of Risk, and by making them more attractive to the commercial insurance marketplace, through a broader understanding of the risks involved with each individual organization and industry. We believe, and have been told by our clients, that the Treasures Risk Management Approach provides service levels that are just not achievable from our competitors.

Our confidence in our world-class service level stems from the fact that our Risk Management Approach, and all of our internal processes, are built upon the tried and tested strategy of providing “enhanced”, or “value added” services to our clients, based on real feedback. Enhanced Services are only “value added” if they act to reduce at least one aspect of Total Cost of Risk, as directed by our customers. At Treasures Insurance our Enhanced Services and Solutions are the primary way we deliver long-term risk reduction to our Valued customers.

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“As this is a complicated business, we are at ease keeping the relationship with your company as you understand our business’s.”

~Touch Canada

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