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Claims Treasures Insurance

At Treasures Insurance, we feel that “claim time” is THE most important point in the life of an insurance policy. From the start of the claim process to the end, our focus is on our customers. As claims are, in effect, the reason we exist as insurance professionals, we must endeavor to assist in providing a calm and seamless resolution of each and every claim that occurs with one of our valued clients.

If you have a claim please contact our office at (780) 452–4405 during regular office hours 8:30am – 4:30pm.

If you have an after-hours Emergency call: 1–866-523–6321

“Over the past few years we have experienced growing needs in our business, and you have consistently delivered a high level of service and expertise when it comes to handling our ever-changing insurance requirements.”

“You have provided thorough reviews of our policy coverage, competitive pricing, and negotiated a broad scope of insurance, specifically tailored to meet our business needs.”

~Win House

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